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Gollnest and Kiesel is Europe's most innovative wooden toy manufacturer and the largest toy company in northern Germany.
They produce toys for children's hands, heads and souls. The GOKI nature series stands for extremely high quality and natural woods. Its pleasant feel conveys a sense of warmth, security and absolute naturalness.  The series deliberately dispenses with dyes and colours. The functionally aesthetic design of the natural toys is also intended to foster children's creativity and imagination.
Sustainability is a term taken from forestry. Only so much can be taken from a forest as is replanted. Every year we gift a tree to every newborn child in our federal state. 25,000 trees every year for a new forest , 350, 000 trees in total.

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  • Goki Nature Cement Truck
    Goki Nature Cement Truck - Baby Fox Baby Boutique
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